The professionals at Stiles Associates understand Lean and know the people who practice it. They are the leaders in recruiting talented and experienced Lean executives.
Art Byrne, Lean Manufacturing Icon and Author of The Lean Turnaround.

For over 25 years, Stiles Associates has been the premier retained executive search firm for Operations and Lean Transformation executives who know how to drive performance and cultural change. Our record of identifying, rigorously screening and delivering exceptional candidates is unsurpassed.  We know this because our clients reward us with a repeat client and referral rate of over 90%.

Though the growth of online professional networks has made it easier to find candidates, the challenge of finding the right candidate remains critical for all of our clients.  This is why Stiles Associates has developed a team of professional recruiters who can screen beyond buzzwords to identify the A-Players.  

We also make sure we understand the business goals and objectives behind each hire—including spending time onsite with our clients learning their business and, most importantly, their culture to ensure we are not just filling seats, but helping to truly change the performance of the organizations we serve.